Ponds Barrel Planter

Published on August 20th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better

Wiskey Barrel Planter

Adding a water feature to any backyard is a great idea. If you’ve ever heard the sound of a rippling waterfall you know what we mean. It’s soothing to listen to.

But there’s also the fact that putting a pond or water garden in the backyard is no easy task and if you have someone else do it, it could be expensive. That and it takes up some valuable space.

But all is not lost.

Today we have a variety of options when it comes to adding water to the backyard and this is a good example.

It’s a whiskey barrel planter made by Little Giant and it’s easy to get set up and running and it looks pretty good too.

Some of us here at BYMB have a thing for old pumps, you know the kind you used to see on farmsteads that you’d have to pump to get water out. This rustic appearance is preserved with this great little planter and it looks great on a patio deck or any smaller space.

Learn more about the Whiskey Barrel Planter here.

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