Veggie Gardening Hanging Tomatoes

Published on August 20th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better

Upside Down Tomatoes

This may not be the most ground breaking, revolutionary thing we’ve ever seen but it’s good advice and frugal too.  We like that!

So for the last few years you’ve probably seen the infomercials talking about growing tomatoes, and strawberries too, simply by putting them in a holding basket with some dirt and hanging them upside down.

It’s an idea that has merit.

We tested this out a few years ago and it worked pretty well.  Got some good numbers of tomatoes off the plants but they weren’t very big.  Not really sure why but we’ve gone back to the ground planted version and we’re happy with that too.

But if ground space is somewhat limited and you still want to grow a few maters, then a hanging planter might be the thing for you.

Before you go out and spend anything from “as seen on TV” though, you might want to check out the link below   Firehow will tell you how to do it with stuff you probably already have around the house.

Go here to learn more.

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