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Published on August 20th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better

Tomato Plants Turning Yellow? Here’s Why

So you’ve spent most of the summer toiling away over your tomato plants with great hope. Maybe just maybe they’ll turn out great, meaning nice and red, at the end.

Not always.

A lot of folks wonder why tomato plants turn yellow at some point during the growing cycle.

The answer to this is simple. Like any plant that’s not in a state of vibrant green growth, yellow or brown spots are indication that the plant maybe dying or is deficient in a particular nutrient.

Now keep in mind we’re not talking about yellow tomatoes here. We’re talking about the plant itself. The leaves mainly, and those should be green.

If you find that a plant is looking kind of paltry, the plant might be somewhat deficient in nitrogen.

And the fix is pretty easy. Get some good stinky compost. Well rotted compost will usually help add nitrogen back into the plant and it just might starting looking better in no time.

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