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Published on December 11th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better


Take Part In The Christmas Bird Count

The first CBC was on Christmas day in 1900 as a conservation-oriented response to the traditional hunts where teams would go out hunting and whomever came home with the largest pile of birds and mammals won. Frank Chapman, an officer with the then-named Audubon Society was quite concerned about the effects of this type of hunt, and he came up with the idea to count the birds instead of killing them. The original count covered 25 areas around North America and totaled 90 species across all areas.

From this one small step, a network of Christmas Bird Counts has developed. Tens of thousands of people now participate each year helping to cover over 2,300 count circles, all in the name of bird conservation! This growth lead to the 113th CBC counting 2,296 species last year. The counts are an important tool for scientists to understand the distribution of our winter residents. This in turn allows conservationists to focus their efforts in areas that are critical wintering habitats around the Americas.

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