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Succulent Furniture – Creative Planters Around Your Home

If you’re like us, what started out as a single succulent planter ended up evolving into a real love affair with these little plants and now we have them all over the place!

And why not?  Succulents are easy to grow, don’t take a lot of maintenance or a really green thumb, and they’re sweet to look at too.  You can do a lot of neat arrangements with them to be sure.

But one thing we never really thought about before was the use of some really common household furniture to present them.  Sure we’ve used an old toy truck planter before, along with some other things, but never furniture.

So here’s a few ideas that you might be able to adapt into your own succulent arrangement!  We loved the small dresser most out of all of them.

And if you’ve come up with a creative way to display succulents, let us know about it!  You can share it on our facebook page if you’d like!

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  1. Karen Duran Karen Duran says:

    Love it!!

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