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Published on December 14th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better


Safety Tip For Chainsaw Users

If you work with chain saws at all, this is vital information that may just save your life.  When you get comfortable or familiar with something it’s more likely to take certain things, like safety equipment for granted.  Don’t do that.

Every year I pick up mostly wind-felled oak on country roads, haul it home, cut it into stove-size lengths, then rent a splitter for a day and stockpile a year’s or more worth of firewood.

I used chainsaws extensively in the ’60s and ’70s, cutting up redwood (from the beaches or wind-fallen trees in the woods) into bolts, and which I then split into shakes.

Point is, I’ve had a lot of chainsaw experience.

The other day I was sawing through a piece of wood on the woodpile and as I finished the cut, the blade hit a log below it and snapped back towards my face.

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