Birding raptors in flight

Published on October 28th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better

Raptor Migrations To Watch

If you’re into bird watching of any kind, chances are you know all about fall migrations.

Right along with the ducks, geese, and songbirds, the birds of prey are on the move too.

When the days are right, with a bit of sun, a northerly breeze, and possibly a cold front approaching, you can expect to see many of them airborne and heading south.

In the mix might be hawks like the Redtail, Broadwing, or Coopers hawk.  Falcons such as Merlins, Peregrines, or Kestrels are common in many areas, and of course Bald Eagles will often be seen too.

These are just a few of the species that you might spot through binoculars.  There are many others that will make your sky-gazing very interesting.

To learn a bit more about identifying raptors in flight, Audubon Magazine has put together a fun quiz covering raptors in flight.

After you take this little test, be sure to get out and watch awhile.  You’ll have a lot of fun!

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