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Published on October 15th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better

Pumpkin Carving Secrets

Looking back our first attempts at carving pumpkins for Halloween decor was an epic failure.  Of course we were just kids, but one would think that you can at least get a decent looking Jack-O-Lantern look out of effort.

It’s hard to describe what we ended up with but let’s just say it wasn’t anything all that recognizable.  And maybe that’s the first rule of pumpkin work.  It doesn’t so much matter what things look like when the cutting and carving are over, if you had fun in the process!

Getting a better result can be pretty satisfying though, so we wanted to share some tips, and yes, even some secrets to great pumpkin carving.

This article from Walt’s Pumpkin Carving Secrets covers everything from choosing the right pumpkin, to using the best tools and techniques for terrific results.  There’s no doubt that your next carving will come out better with this information!

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