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Published on November 13th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better


Plant Pots Water Fountain

Over the last few years we’ve really gotten excited about the various ways people have taken some hum-drum materials and forged them into something amazing. Such is the case with this lovely little water fountain made from a few plant pots.

This project is easy to do and if you’ve got a few pots lying around it won’t stress the bank account much either.

This design was conjured up by Marie over at The Interior Frugalista as she thought about what might go well on her backyard deck.

“So, we’ve had these three flower pots kicking around, like forever. Inspired by some of the DIY fountains I’ve seen on Pinterest and Hometalk, we decided to give this a whirl.

I cannot tell a lie, we had several frustrating botched attempts with this project. Rocks that were too small and kept plugging the pump. A spray nozzle that overflowed onto the deck. Painting a large bowl to catch the overflow but the paint peeled despite several coats of a protective finish. A chunk breaking off one of the pots while trying to make a hole in the bottom to accommodate the pump….shhhhhh…with a hammer.

Oh well, like they say, live and learn. At least by following this tutorial you won’t make the same mistakes.”

For more details on this fun DIY project visit this page.

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