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Published on October 27th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better

Perennial Vegetables

If someone where trying to sell you on the great benefits of starting a vegetable garden and throw into the mix the idea that there’s a way to do it all with less work, wouldn’t you be interested in learning more?

We certainly would.  Simply put, great results and yields can come with less effort and you can repeat this year after year.

And it’s all through the planting of perennial vegetables.

“It’s as close to zero-work gardening as you can get,” says Eric Toensmeier, author of Perennial Vegetables. “Our perennial vegetable beds planted 11 years ago still bear food, and all we do is add compost and mulch once a year.”

This doesn’t mean of course that you would give up your traditional seasonal plants like tomatoes or other favorites.  It’s just a matter of planning some space and adding the perennials into the mix.

For some useful tips in how to get started with perennial veggies visit this page from Mother Earth News.

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