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Published on November 25th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better


Mosquito Repellent Plants

The off season is a great time to plan your garden for next spring, and one of the things you might want to consider adding into the mix is a few mosquito repellent plants.  They can do an amazing job of keeping these nasty bugs away from you when your hanging around the backyard.  They not only work pretty well but they can also limit or eliminate the need for using chemical based repellents.

With all the publicity about the West Nile virus, mosquito repelling products are gaining in popularity. But many commercial insect repellents contain from 5% to 25% DEET.

There are concerns about the potential toxic effects of DEET, especially when used by children. Children who absorb high amounts of DEET through insect repellents have developed seizures, slurred speech, hypotension and bradycardia.  So DEET repellents may not be for everyone.

But there are five plants that have shown some degree of effectiveness with mosquitoes and they are easy to grow.

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