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Published on November 6th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better


The Mini Greenhouse

Take it from someone who knows, not everyone is as handy as we’d like to be.

You probably have a friend, like we do, who’s just a master of creating things out of wood and what-have-you’s.  It makes us jealous of course, but all that talent didn’t come about by sitting around.  Building anything well is a craft, an art, and it takes practice and some patience.

Apparently neither applies to us.

Fortunately there are work-around’s for the lack of talent, time, and attention.

And that’s why we wanted to showcase this mini-greenhouse.  It’s a great way to grow plants when things cool down, and it’s small enough you can even keep it inside if you wanted to.

Made from the wood of the cypress tree, it’s only 16″L x 30″W x 43″H, and comes with polycarbonate safety windows.

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