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Published on August 20th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better

Is This A Blue Moon?

You can’t miss it in the sky.  Tonight there’s a full moon and it’s big and bright.

And in fact it’s the second full moon in this calendar month of August 2013, which makes this one a blue moon.

Don’t worry, we won’t start singing or get romantic here, but feel free to do so wherever you are.

In actuality, the term blue moon really doesn’t have anything to do with the color.  In fact if you go outside right now, the moon will probably look quite normal.

Maybe it will be gray, or in our case slightly orange, but it’s definitely not blue.

But there are times when it actually can turn blue.  It’s said that the most notable time for the color change was actually way back in 1883 when a volcano named Krakatoa blew it’s top and spewed a much of volcanic dust in the air.  These ash clouds actually caused the moon to turn blue and it would remain that way for years after the eruption.

Yet despite the lack of a blue color we can enjoy the moon, this evening’s blue moon, no matter what it may look like.  It’s just cool to look at it!

If you’d like more information and some fun facts on blue moons, visit this page.  And for all kinds of space related information we love to stop by Universe Today.

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