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Published on November 11th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better


Hardy Greens To Grow In Cold Weather

Greens are good for us, we know that much.  But getting fresh produce, particularly in the winter can be tough because we’re forced to buy them at the local market.  At least that’s what we always thought.

Let’s say in recent years, our eyes have been opened to new possibilities, and that’s when growing greens, even throughout the winter, became a worthy goal.

You won’t get away with growing anything and everything in colder conditions but here’s a few plants that will make the grade.

• kale (‘Winterbor’ hybrid is among the hardiest)
• collards
• spinach (‘Space’ and ‘Hector’ thrive even in cold climates)
• winter-hardy lettuces (‘Tango’ and ‘Brune d’Hiver’ are excellent choices for winter gardens)
• salad brassicas, such as tatsoi and rape

In addition, there are two other categories of cold-loving naturals:

Self-seeding annuals that will return from year to year:
• arugula
• giant red mustard
• mâche or corn salad (‘Piedmont’ and other large-leaf varieties produce the most greens per plant)
• claytonia, aka miners lettuce (needs a little protection)
Perennial greens:
• radicchios (‘Red Treviso’ lends itself to cut-and-come-again harvesting)
• many other chicories (the traditional Italian cooking green, ‘Red Rib Dandelion,’ is superproductive)
• French sorrel
• the spinach relative ‘Good King Henry’ (aka poor man’s asparagus)

That’s a pretty good selection to choose from, wouldn’t you say?

For more details on how to plant, grow, and harvest these winter greens, visit our friends at Mother Earth News.

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