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Published on October 5th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better

How To Get Rid Of Wasps Without Chemicals

A couple of summers ago, one of our BMB writers got stung pretty good after getting to close to a wasp nest.  It wasn’t pretty.

Generally we’ve always been more inclined to live and let live, but it get’s pretty difficult when you can’t even go out and enjoy your backyard anymore.

There are certainly a lot of chemical wasp killing sprays that are available on the market and we’ve used those from time to time, but we liked the idea of a more natural solution that would still be effective.  And thanks to this looks like a winner to us.

All you need to do is mix some simple ingredients into a spray bottle.

Non-Toxic Wasp Spray/Repellent

  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 teaspoon of peppermint oil
  • 1 teaspoon of dish soap (optional)

Combine all of these ingredients together into your spray bottle. Wait until the very early morning hours, or late at night when it looks like they’re less active, then shake and spray!

You may need to spray this mixture once or twice but normally at that point the wasps will start falling to the ground and die pretty quickly.

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