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Published on November 21st, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better


Feeding Hummingbirds By Hand

In case we didn’t mention it, we miss our hummingbirds in the late fall and winter!  However, since we have readers from all over the world, someone in warmer climates will be able to take advantage of this advice.

Did you know you can feed hummingbirds by hand?  It’s true!

It starts with choosing the right feeder.  We’ve tested many sugar-water feeders over the years, and we finally found a winner from the company First Nature. Even if you don’t buy from this company, they provide good criteria for what you should look for in a sugar-water feeder.

One of the features we like about our feeders is that they are all plastic with red parts that don’t fade in the sunlight. They also come apart in three pieces, which exposes all part for easy cleaning. Plus, the feeder itself has a wide mouth, which helps with cleaning, too.

Perhaps one of the best features of it is that there are no yellow parts that may attract bees. Finally, the feeders have comfortable perches 360 degrees around, so there’s always plenty of room.

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