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Published on August 20th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better

Building A Simple Backyard Firepit

As far as do-it-yourself projects go there’s nothing about as simple as making your own backyard fire pit.  All you need is some paving stones, adhesive, and we’d advise a tamper to level the ground out where ever you’re going to build it.

Firepits have been one of our favorite projects over the years and they become even more enjoyable after the construction is done.  Many nights have been spent relaxing by the glow of a fire while the crisp fall air made the warmth even more appealing.

If you’re reading, let’s take a look at the easiest way to get a firepit glowing in your backyard.

First you’ll want to select a relatively level area, or make an area level using a shovel, some leveling sand (like you’d use for landscape pavers), about 60 or so paving blocks shaped so that when put together they’ll make a nice circle pattern, and some paving adhesive.

Once you get the sand and base tapped won and level, begin laying our the first layer of paving blocks.  Since both edges are angled, you’ll find that they’ll make a nice circle when put edge to edge.

The most challenging part of this assembly is getting the first layer of stones right.  Once that’s laid in place and level it’s easy going from here.  Just stagger the upper blocks over the first layer and work your way around the circle, gluing the upper pavers in place.  This may not be totally necessary to use glue but it will help hold things together as gravity rears it’s ugly head.

You can build the firepit as high as you want but most folks go about 3 to 4 levels and are happy with that.  If you get the base set up correctly as we’ve described the pit should hold up exceptionally well year after year.

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