Decor barn door pallets

Published on October 30th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better

Barn Door Decor From A Pallet

For some strange reason we talk a lot about pallets around here.  We’ve made a lot  things out of them, from compost bins to decks (it’s true).

And it’s not that they’re necessarily anything special, but we think it’s been some of the best repurposing of materials that’s been done.

The same could be said for the topic of this article.

There’s something about barn doors that are really appealing to a lot of us, and low and behold, the creative folks at Sweet and Salty Air went and combined two of our favorite subjects and made a really cool decoration for fall.

As you might expect, the material is cheap, and with a little time and attention, you too can have some fresh barn door decor to spruce up your patio.

For additional pictures of the construction, visit this link and scroll part way down the page.

barn door pallets

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