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Published on November 12th, 2013 | by Backyards Made Better


The Backyard Bubble

The last time we saw a clear sphere that looked this fun, our kids had a hamster locked inside and he rolled all over the living room.  I think he enjoyed the activity too.

These days, one could say the clear plastic ball has come a long way.  And gotten a lot bigger!

Now you can find human-sized versions that are also designed for fun.  Before you get to thinking we’re talking about the big bouncy bubbles that the kids play it, this is nothing of the sort.  It’s way more relaxing!

These are weatherproof, potentially bug proof, and would allow you to sleep under the stars safely while preserving the incredible view.

Sounds like a potential winner to us!

Several versions (and manufacturers) of the bubbles exist and we’ve included those below.  We’re also including the Google Plus page from Joe Martinez which is where we first came across this amazing idea.

Here’s a version from Yanko Design called the Cacoon 1.  And here’s more about a French manufacturer named Bubble Tree.


2 Responses to The Backyard Bubble

  1. Michael Andrysco Michael Andrysco says:

    great idea

    • Backyards Made Better Backyards Made Better says:

      We thought so too Michael. Might get warm on a hot day but on evenings that are cool or those with a lot of bugs, this might make star gazing more fun:)

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